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I have an obsession with Anna Kendrick


I think we can all agree that Toph is the best. Case closed. 

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gnotgnap asked: I hate to ask this because I fear you have already answered this and I don't wanna inconvenience you by having you answer it but here we go, how was historical Pang Tong compared to the DW Pang Tong? I believe I read somewhere that he wasn't actually "ugly" and that's about all I got. Lol


They don’t have a whole lot in common, but they aren’t different in any significant ways, either. The real Pang Tong wasn’t recorded as an ugly man, but I’m not sure we can call the DW Pang Tong ugly either. Maybe he just hides his face because he’s so handsome it would distract everyone from what they’re doing.

The real Pang Tong was certainly a talented strategist, and a man who died far too soon.